This calculator is based on the measurement of dynamic model chilling portions (DCP; see description here). See the instructional video below the calculator for an example.

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Actual or Guessed Yield If you are testing the accuracy of this calculator by predicting past years' results, please enter the actual yield so that we can check the accuracy of the prediction. If you are using the calculator for the upcoming harvest, please enter your own projected yield. This also allows us to see how well the calculator performs relative to perceptions. Thank you! (Optional):    


The Pistachio Predictor provides a tool to assist in making timely crop yield forecasts. This information is useful for pistachio growers and related industries to better plan the harvest and manage the market.

Using past pistachio yield data, we can identify generalized patterns between crop yield and the associated seasonal environmental and agronomic conditions. These patterns can then be used to build a model to predict future crop yields.


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